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Web Course in a Box is designed to allow faculty to easily and quickly set up a series of Web pages for their courses. These pages can function as instructional supplements to a course or form the basis of a stand-alone course. The application includes administrative tools to post assignments and to track completion of student work. Interactive pages allow for collaborative and group work between students and instructors over the Internet. Web forms are provided by the server-based application so that no special knowledge of Web authoring is necessary for instructors or students although Web experience allows further enhancement and customization of instructional pages and features.

Web Course in a Box began as a collaborative project of the Institute for Academic Technology's Partnership for Distributed Learning and EDUCOM. Development and support of Web Course in a Box continues through MadDuck Technologies.

We have established a Web Course in a Box server in the Department of Life Science. Links to the student and instructor entry points to the WCB server can be found in the button bar on the left side of this page.

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ISU faculty should contact us to establish an account on our WCB server.

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