Life Sciences Courses on the Web

The following Life Sciences courses are available for delivery over the Web.  These courses can be taken entirely over the Internet as Distance Education course offerings.

       General Education/Liberal Studies Courses
          LIFS112 Human Aspects of Biology (3 hrs)
          LIFS113 Survey of the Plant Kingdom (3 hrs)
          LIFS115 Explorations of Biological Phenomena - lab course (1 hr)
          LIFS410 History of Biology (3 hrs)
      Service Courses
          LIFS412 Pathophysiology (2-3 hrs)
       Majors Courses and Electives
          LIFS405 Cellular Development (3 hr)
          LIFS406 Cell and Tissue Culture (2 hrs)
          LIFS431 General Endocrinology (3 hrs)
          LIFS437 Plant Physiology (3 hrs)
          LIFS445 Plant Anatomy (3 hrs)
          LIFS447 Comparative Morphology of Vascular Plants (3 hrs)
          LIFS461 Embryology (2 hr)
        Graduate Courses
          LIFS505 Cellular Development (3 hr)
          LIFS506 Cell and Tissue Culture (2 hrs)
          LIFS561 Embryology (2 hr)
          LIFS634 Advanced Endocrinology (3 hrs)
          LIFS637 Advanced Plant Physiology (3 hrs)
          LIFS647 Experimental Morphogenesis of Vascular Plants (3 hrs)
          LIFS691 Special Topics -- Advanced Plant Anatomy (3 hrs)


Updated 8/30/00