BIO112L --
Explorations of Biological Phenomena

1 hour.   An optional laboratory which may be taken in conjunction with or subsequent to 112 or 113.  It is designed to help students develop the capacity to recognize and pose scientific questions, to appreciate how scientific data are collected and analyzed, and to better understand how hypotheses are validated or rejected.    A General Education Course.    General Education Credits assigned with completion of 112 or 113 [A1]

Offered: Every Semester

Instructors: R. Ghosh

Web-Based Course Information

NOTE: This course is currently available as a web-based course offering. All course materials are available on-line; this course can be taken through ISU Distance Education course offerings.  Students considering this course should be self-motivated.  The course requires that you work independently on the course materials.  There are a limited number of deadlines included to keep you on schedule, but the course is designed to allow you to work at your own pace, at times of your choosing, through most of the course.  You should expect to spend 2-4 hours a week during a 15-week semester (time required depend on your reading speed, work habits, etc.; some units will require that you make observations of an experiment over a period of several days; other experiments may require that you set-up the experiment in advance) .  During a 5-week summer term, you should expect to spend 6-12 hours a week on the course.

Course Instructor: Drs. Timothy Mulkey and William Brett



On-Line Course Materials (requires password)

Request Username and Password for Course.  Student enrolling in this course should use this form to request username and password.  This form does not enroll you in the class; the form provides the instructor with contact information required to send you information at the beginning of the course.  You must register in the course using the same procedures used for any other course.