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Sponsored by the Department of Life Science,
Center for Biological Computing
in association with the Center for Teaching and Learning
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The HomeRoom Teaching Resources Center has been established to provide information and access to technologies and applications which are made available to the ISU community on the servers which are maintained and operated by the Department of Life Science Department's Center for Biological Computing. The HomeRoom is a resource center which provides access to technologies/applications which the Center for Teaching and Learning, the Faculty Computing Resources Center, and DegreeLink are infusing into the educational environment of Indiana State University. We encourage you to participate in the programs of the Center for Teaching and Learning and the Faculty Computing Resources Center.

We have limited resources and no permanent staff. Our goal is to provide access to the technologies and applications which can be incorporated into teaching. We encourage users of these technologies and applications to assist their collegues. If you contact us for assistance, we will attempt to put you in contact with others who are using the applications which we provide on our servers. At this point in time, users helping users is the primary method for introduction of these emerging applications/technologies into the curriculum.

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